The Letter Z

Finally the The Letter Z! I pondered what would be fitting for the last letter of the alphabet and while rummaging through things I ran across this Zippo lighter that belonged to Dad. He had quit smoking decades ago and I wonder why he held on to this, then I wondered why I held on to it when I was taking care of his affairs. Now I am glad I did because it pulled me from a photo ditch that I got stuck in.

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8 thoughts on “The Letter Z

  1. Steven

    Zippos do last forever. They feel good in the pocket, too. I don’t smoke but I used to carry one around because you never knew when you needed flame. Cool shot of the lighter.


  2. elmediat

    Excellent composition. Hopefully, all smoking paraphernalia will one day be just historical curiosities and art objects for future generations to ponder.


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