This time of year is filled with opportunities to gorge on all sorts of sugary goodies. In an attempt of staying on track with healthier eating habits our SNACK or TREAT between meals is something crunchy like celery or carrots.

While preparing dinner I snapped this SOOC with the iPod Touch of a sweet potato and some celery. Not enamored by raw sweet potatoes but someone may enjoy them as a raw snack.

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9 thoughts on “A SNACK OR TREAT for SOOC Sunday

  1. Steven

    I’ll pretend that the sweet potato is a carrot, and accept this as part of my every day lunch. I do like how the little leaf of the celery seems to be embracing “the carrot.”


  2. PC PHOTO Post author

    Thanks to all for stopping by and leaving your comments! Time seems to be getting the upper hand in my time management sorry I haven’t been answering all of your posts but I have read and appreciate each one 🙂


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