Can a feral cat become Domestic?

A former neighbor has a soft spot for stray or feral cats. After one of her house cats passed away she had an empty spot that could only be healed with a new kitten. Her husband stopped by a place known for feral cats and found this beautiful creature, it was hardly old enough to be weaned from its mother but he took a chance and brought it home. This was the perfect medicine for both of their broken hearts. A recent visit to their new home I found he has become quite DOMESTIC.

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28 thoughts on “Can a feral cat become Domestic?

  1. paintedmeadows

    What a beautiful kitty! I am so glad he is helping her with her grief. When we lost our beloved Great Dane in May my hubby got me a westie and she has been a huge help to me!!


  2. Tammy

    OMG those eyes are stunning!!! I am proof it works too…my kitty was a stray (I am guessing he was around 4 days old when i found him…his mom abandoned him)…he was the best kitty in the world and lived to be 18 yrs old! One of the best things I have done! 🙂


  3. Steven

    Beautiful cat. Absolutely beautiful, and nicely shot against the green. Our cat Emily was feral. She was a year old when she showed up in the yard and we fed her as an outdoor cat. It took 3-4 years of patience to finally have her accept us as her humans. She kept some feral instincts her whole life but to my wife and I she was the sweetest cat we ever had.


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