COMFORT FOODS on Macro Monday

COMFORT FOODS are as individual as individuals. For one person it is Mom’s pot roast for another it can be macaroni and cheese and for others it is mashed potatoes. Today you are discovering one of my comfort foods.

Would anyone like to share their comfort food???

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I have noticed that some regular visitors to this site have had their comments going into my spam folder and some sites I visit are not accepting my comments. Is anyone else having the same issue?


34 thoughts on “COMFORT FOODS on Macro Monday

  1. paintedmeadows

    I don’t think I am having trouble with mine but I have pulled yours out of span a few times. Thanks for still taking the time to comment. Your comfort food looks yummy. Mine is bean dip! lol. Refried beans on the bottom, guacamole on that, then sour cream, salsa then shredded cheese. Serve with tortillas! Yummy!!!


    1. PC PHOTO Post author

      Not sure which to thank you for first, sharing your comfort food or letting me know you are having to retrieve un-spam from your folder also. 🙂


  2. Jay from The Depp Effect

    I looove mashed potatoes! Also boiled, roast, sauteed, baked and chipped potatoes! Mashed potatoes with a little cheese grated into them .. heaven! But for sheer comfort, it’s hard to beat a plate of chips, with a green veg (my personal favourite is broccoli), gravy, and .. you guessed it … grated cheese!!

    I love the artistic sprinkling, too!


  3. genie

    Love your comfort foods….bananas and cheerios…. so cool. You and my husband would be fighting over the last banana in the house. He lives on them. Nice shot. genie


  4. KarenAnn

    Clever way to present your comfort food. We go thru alot of Cheerios here as hubby eats 2 big bowls each AM. My comfort foods would be meatloaf or pot roast with garlic mashed potatoes (and lots of butter) and another starchy side dish…scalloped corn. Tastes good, but I’m sure the photo wouldn’t be very pretty!


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