Thirst quenching BEVERAGES.

The Dictionary defines the word beverage as a drink, especially one other than water. BEVERAGES can quench a thirst. BEVERAGES can be conversation starters. Beverages can be controversial.  This bottle of wine was being opened to quench a thirst while having a conversation and it wasn’t long before a bit of controversy was thrown into the mix. Do You See What I See…


17 thoughts on “Thirst quenching BEVERAGES.

  1. GREAT!!! I hope you enjoyed the beverage to “quench” your thirst…I love all the “white lines” which add character….

  2. OK…maybe it’s just a Canadian thing but we only have 1 cork per bottle and we take it out, not push it in….LOL
    I’ve had wine that was ‘corked’ but this would be a dead giveaway!

  3. NO, no, no 🙂 the corker didn’t work right, then DH did the manly thing, he pushed the cork back in and the rest is history… that’s my story and I’m sticking to it 😉

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