The local community works together to reduce waste going into the landfill and has hired a huge dumpster to deposit vegetation generated from YARD WORK. During the growing season (which is pretty much always) the garden can become overgrown in the blink of an eye. While making our contribution recently I caught a glimpse of this air plant in the brush, a recent deposit from one of the neighbors. It may have been regarded as trash by someone but I captured a treasure.

And yes I took my camera to go to the dumpster 🙂

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18 thoughts on “YARD WORK

    1. PC PHOTO Post author

      I just posted this!! Your comment came zinging in, lol. These are very cool plants. There are loads of varieties too. This example is a wild variety and does not survive if removed from the branch it was growing on. In my post for Hanging (way earlier this year) I have an image I took at Bok Tower where they have a curtain wall of different kinds. So very cool.


  1. jackscrap

    Well done for recognizing this little clump of dried grass as an air plant, I know I would have missed it for sure and dumped my weeds right over the top of it! I wonder what other little treasures were in that dumpster?


  2. KarenAnn

    Way to be prepared for the unusual photo-op! I’m afraid with my love of plants, I’d be dumpster diving on a regular basis. I can hardly bear to throw away my excess plants and give away as many as I can.


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