Macro Monday SEAFOOD

SEAFOOD can be interrupted in many different ways. Take for instance this clam shell that washed up on to the beach. During it’s lifetime we would think of it as food for ourselves, Obviously that didn’t happen here. This fossilized shell sat on the ocean floor for tiny sea creatures to make a home and they themselves most likely became SEAFOOD for something else.

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16 thoughts on “Macro Monday SEAFOOD

  1. Tammy

    This is a very cool image…love all the textures and repeating circles in this…it really makes one think how many organisms actually fed off this! Fascinating!


  2. PC PHOTO Post author

    Thank you all for your input. So happy you enjoyed the post. Macro photography is the first category I won an award for and I have always had a inclination for this category.


  3. Ellen

    Now I see a ruin too, you caught such great detail. The background seems a little distracting to me, the red grabs my eye. On the other hand the even pattern is a nice contrast to the holes in the shell…


    1. PC PHOTO Post author

      I did shoot the shell in the sand and it just didn’t have the ‘pow’ to bring out the gradiations on it. After tossing the shell on the seat of my chair it screamed ‘this is it”
      (I lean toward over the edge looks and like to experiment by pushing boundaries in an artistic manner).
      Glad you took time to see all the components and share your thoughts!


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