Looking down below as the aircraft slows for landing I wondered whether the view was part of the CITY or a TOWN.

The murkiness of the sky was smoke from wildfires. 

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8 thoughts on “CITY or TOWN

  1. Lois

    The smoky air enhances the feeling of being able to see past the town/city forever into the horizon.


  2. sassy Dorland

    Look at all the lakes tucked in among the trees… creative with your words, it adds to the subject…iliil


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  4. Tammy

    I am loving your flight images…this one is very clear and love all the different landscapes and sights!


  5. KarenAnn

    I haven’t flown very often but I love this part of the flight when one can see details of life on the ground. From all your cloud images, to the landing photos, I have enjoyed your flight photos. As you can see, I am waaay behind in posting so am combining comments so I can catch up. Am glad you are back blogging as I continue to be inspired by your view of life through your blog. Well done!


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