RETRO… music from another time

It was a blast to the past seeing this RETRO juke box. This photograph is of a table style juke box that at one time was a normal sight in old time diners. A person would drop in a 25 cent piece and select 3 songs then the songs would play at a volume to be heard only by those sitting in the booth.


11 thoughts on “RETRO… music from another time

  1. hey maybe that’s why it “didn’t work” at my table, maybe it was too quiet for us to hear. neat blog, thanks for the Good Morning Susan link 🙂

    • Sariah these juke boxes also had a volume control dial – maybe someone turned it down. Now you have 2 motivations to return to Johnny Rockets. Thanks for stopping over!

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  3. There is a small restaurant in Door County, Wisconsin that still has these. They sure do bring back memories.

    • Is the place in Wisconsin stainless steel inside and out? That’s is the kind of place that had this style of juke box where I grew up.

  4. Jukeboxes usually had good sound, too. They could kick the bass. I like the Camel advertising on it. It’s un-PC Photography!

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