On Honeymoon Island one form of RECREATION is cast net fishing. This young man was a novice at throwing his net and by the time I decided to make an image he was on his way back to shore.

The island is a state park that was developed in 1939 as a honeymoon destination. The original name was Hog Island – doesn’t sound so romantic does it? There are nature and birding trails, swimming, fishing, shelling, picnic areas and food concessions. The beach is difficult to walk because it was mostly crushed shells and course sand. 

11 thoughts on “RECREATION

  1. sassy Dorland

    This takes my breath away…. the soft muted colors of the water, sky and the delicate white net.. As an artist, your photo is exactly as should be.. in thirds, the “out to sea” waterline, below the bend of his arm on the inside and just above on the outside. This is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!! I love it….:)


  2. Steven

    Yes, that is one form of recreation to do on Hog Island! We have a local lake that is known as Toad, but the realtors call it Emerald.

    Looks like a great place to be, regardless of the name. I’ll be sure and bring some sort of footwear, though.


  3. danudin

    You ccould have asked for a re-throw but I think you captured a beautiful scene with the submerged leading lines being the bonus.


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