The Letter “B”

Found another letter in nature, this time it is The Letter “B”  (lower case “b”) in the trunk of a Crape Myrtle tree. This particular tree has interested me for several years. The trunk is contrary with its smooth thin bark, camouflage like coloring  and gnarly bumps. While in the parking area where the tree is located the conversation of how much I liked the shape was taking place again, when DH pointed out The Letter “B”. Funny how we look at things over and over and never see.

15 thoughts on “The Letter “B”

  1. danudin

    I have not been introduced to Myrtle, but the Bark (another B word) really resembles some of the smooth bark Eucalyptus trees, love the peek a Boo hole too!


  2. needlepointernc

    I haven’t seen such a trunk on a crepe myrtle. Now I will be searching for one. Love the bark.


  3. KarenAnn

    Yes, it’s funny how things can be right in your face the whole time without seeing them. Like when you buy a car and then start noticing how many others just like it there are out there! Great shot!


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