The first day of SPRING has arrived

The arrival of SPRING is marking the landscape with signs of renewal. This tree shows off delicate clusters of flowers that have a similar appearance and scent as the lilac bushes.

Does anyone know the this tree species?

This isn’t a true Macro Photo but it is Monday and this is my contribution


8 thoughts on “The first day of SPRING has arrived

  1. Pretty. I can’t wait until my lilac bush starts to bloom (it’s been budding for a few weeks now). I don’t know what this plant is, though.

  2. Sure is delicate looking. I like the waxy, pointed leaves as much as the flowers. Probably something that couldn’t survive this far north.

    • yes, I think you are right. All sorts of jasmine bushes and vines are blooming and the scents are all similar. thanks jacki.

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