REACHING UP out of the water towards the sky are the roots of the Cypress Tree known as Cypress Knees.


13 thoughts on “REACHING UP

  1. The “reaching up ” theme in your photo is very interesting. I really like the branches/moss with the rust color the best!

  2. a new favorite of mine of yours….the composition is just awesome…I can see this in a frame!

  3. Great image. I really like cypress trees of the south. They are surely trees of mystery and awe.

  4. I want to be there taking that photo so badly. Love the cypress hips. Nicely framed photo.

  5. Great shot of the knees! Tip: try straightening the photo so the distant river bank doesn’t look like it is going downstream… my eye always goes there and you really want me to look at the knees. I always have to straighten my photos.

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