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A month of Sunday’s week 4

---Fl Polytech 2nd floor #4 VISUAL CONFUSION-103---Fl Polytech 2nd floor #3 VISUAL CONFUSION-104

To conclude the visual confusion photo series from the new Florida Polytechnic University campus I thought it would be interesting to show horizontal and vertical compositions taken from the same position. Anyone who has followed my work knows that black and white processing is not part of my normal practice but in instances such as this I feel that using b&w is fitting.

Looking forward to hear your thoughts on the compositions and the applied confusion. 

Do You See What I See

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My apologies for all the lag time between my posts and infrequent visits to fellow bloggers sites during the past weeks, I’m currently traveling and internet service has been spotty and it seems that the times I can connect I fall short on energy. Now I know why Dorothy kept repeating “there’s no place like home” 🙂