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BLISS comes in many forms

This is Happy Jack. Jack hardly ever drinks water from a bowl, he would rather be thirsty and wait for someone to ‘water’ him. Cats have individual personalities just like people and Jack is no exception. When he first adopted us he would sit on the rim of the bath tub when ever the water was running. Then he started sitting on the bathroom sink when water was turned on; eventually he began drinking from the faucet, that in itself isn’t unusual for cats. When the ‘baby’ came along and mimicked everything Jack did Jack stopped drinking from the faucet, he needed to be his own man. His next phase was slurping water from a squirt bottle. 

Who knows how drinking water from the shower head started. All I know is he prefers me to ‘water’ him. With recent trips away from home this was a major concern of how things were going back home. I would call home every day to confirm Jack had been properly ‘watered’. I guess he got used to the idea of Dad turning on the water and I was lucky to capture this moment of BLISS once we were all together again!

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