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US Navy Blue Angels are back at the expo!

#1 Blue Angel jets lined up along the tarmac-258

EVERYBODY’S TALKING the Blue Angels always creates a buzz of excitement when they are introduced.
#2 Blue Angel pilots assembling-294
#3 Blue Angel Cmdr entering cockpit-297
#4 Blue Angels ground crew facing the exhaust fumes-308
LIGHT MY FIRE crew members assemble behind the jets while the engines are fired.
#5 Blue Angels jet taxiing on runway-322
STEAM HEAT exhaust fumes coming from the jet as it taxis to the runway
#6 Blue Angels lift off-342
WHAT’S UP (not the landing gear)

#7 Blue Angels upside down manuever-411
#8 Blue Angels single file procession back to the gate-464
Returning to the barn after the aerial demonstration.
#9 Blue Angels powering down engines-468
#10 Crd Tom Frosch after demo-470
THE LEADER OF THE PACK (not on the list but should be)
#11 Crd Tom Frosch reviewing his pilots post flight-478RESPECT Cmdr Frosch reviews his pilots and ground crew after the demonstration. 

 Do You See What I See… 

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A week has past since attending the 40th Annual SUN ‘n FUN International Fly-In & Expo and the excitement I felt when the shutters released remains when I look at these shots. 

So many Elements Village blog themes matched the photos hope you enjoy the creative license I used putting this photo journal together 🙂