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The Manatee Viewing Center is a PLAYGROUND for nature lovers

The Manatee Viewing Center in Apallo Beach, Florida is a PLAYGROUND for young and old alike when Tampa Bay water temperature dips below 68 degrees (F).

The following photos give a more comprehensive overview of where the manatee congregate in the canal at the Big Bend Power Station.

Entering the viewing area

The protrusions in the water are the backs of manatee enjoying the warm waters provided by the power plant

Close view of a manatee surfacing for a breath of air with reflections from the steam stacks glimmering on the water

On any given day there can be hundreds of manatee in the canal at the same time one day I hope to be there to witness that spectacle,

with that being said be assured I did not leave the area on this day disappointed.

Do You See What I See…  

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My last post Will TRAVEL to watch Manatee  had only minor levels adjustment because I wanted to share my excitement of seeing the manatee for the first time this season right away.

For more information and live video feeds visit: tampaelectric.com/manatee