Remembering Jack

Our days begin with a thought or direction and unexpected things happen that you just never could imagine. We think we are in control of our lives but the universe has other plans.

We met by chance at a fundraiser for the SPCA. While talking with the director of the facility I mentioned that we had lost our last cat a couple years before, she immediately had me pegged for being a soft touch and invited my husband and I inside the shelter even though it was closed to the public for the day. We were given freedom to explore the different rooms with cats of different ages. I’d wanted a gray cat for sometime and gravitated to the only gray cat. Setting my purse on the floor I scooped up the little gray cat and it was apparent straight away that it wasn’t interested in getting acquainted and let me know it wanted to be put back on the floor. Turning to get my purse I discovered a petite black cat investigating the contents of my purse. He was so cute I just had to pick him up. He was quite friendly yet was not wanting a cuddle, he made his way to my shoulder and I bent down for him to walk on my back to go to the floor. Well he got half way and decided to stay. Hubby helped him off and he went right back to my purse which was still on the floor and that was the defining moment when I knew he would become part of the family.

We shared 18 years of friendship and adventures both of us having souls of a gypsy. He was gentle of spirit, had little to say and never complained. He was such a joy. Age was catching up with us and we continued looking out for one another and going on adventures then in a blink of an eye our worlds were turned upside down. Jack has joined his two best friends Elizabeth and Neo and I am left behind with precious memories and a broken heart and knowing he will be the first to greet me when my time comes.

Take nothing for granted and be mindful of those who share their lives with you because we are all just dust in the wind.