There’s always a backstory

My buddy Doug Gardner once asked me, “are you going to make a photograph or a memory?”. At that particular moment I was making a memory. 

Chatty red shoulder hawk

Sometimes what you think may be a photograph turns out to be a memory even if that wasn’t the original intent when the shutter goes down and so goes the backstory on this little red shoulder hawk. It had plenty to say about nothing as it flitted from one branch to another. I fired off a few frames knowing there really wasn’t a story to be told with any of them. As I headed back to the road I glanced into the brush between 2 fields and to my surprise there were 3 does bedded down in the shade watching me.

doe in shade

Doe seeking relief from the heat

It was midday and 90 degrees the salty sweat was pouring off my head into my eyes stinging with each drop but I had to stop just long enough to grab a quick shot then I sought refuge from the heat. Neither photo is sharp I’m finding it increasingly difficult to hand hold the 80-400 most days I use a tripod and sit on a stool to make my photographs but I this all was spur of the moment and I chose to keep them both because they are part of my memories.


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