Resistance is futile

So I was in a “mood” today and as the morning progressed I became more and more agitated. What the …. This mood needed adjustment so I began mentally backtracking to understand why a perfectly good day was becoming derailed. Actually it began last evening while watching an advert on tv. A drone had been over used (imho) and was so distracting because of the constant motion and choppiness of the edit. Then this morning some pot stirrer in a photo group I belong to started a public rant challenging the authenticity of another persons art because the artist chose not to divulge his workflow. REALLY! That just set me off, no one has to share their location or workflow unless that is the agreement of being part of a group, which it is not. The pot stirrer isn’t an admin and if the said offender was posting anything unethical the actual admins would have dealt with it promptly. Anyway, I moved along through my routine looking at other photographers posts and noticed numerous photos I appreciated were made on mirrorless cameras which got under my skin because of 30+ years of slr/dslr use and with the approach of Nikons release of their first mirrorless camera I realized that I was feeling like technology was moving too fast forward to my liking. I’m not a big fan of change and subconsciously I was feeling that technology was beginning to dictate my fate as a photographer if I was to continue being relevant. Of course I control the direction I go in with my photography but just for a slice in time I felt threatened by change that I’m not ready to make. Now I can move along my merry way contently staying in my own lane.Resistance is futile.jpg