Forest Bandits

Forest Bandits-1

Do You See What I See…

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19 thoughts on “Forest Bandits

  1. Our guys will be back within the next month. 😀
    They are so intelligent and adaptive – a pain in large urban areas, if people do not learn how to accommodate. For all the complaints, they are still easier to deal with them in a city than rats or coyotes .

    • They are quite clever my hubby went to battle with one over who was smarter at keeping the lid on the outdoor trash bin one time. Happy to report hubby won 🙂
      I would much rather deal with these bandits over a rat any day!

  2. Very cool–I’d love to know how you captured, that, especially given the perspective. It looks like you were lying in the leaves–but raccoons can be aggressive. I wouldn’t want to get in their way!

  3. You were in the right place at the right time for an awesome photo. If it weren’t that they were such rabies carriers and problematic on a farm, I’d like to see them alive more often than dead by the roadside…but they are cute to look at in a photo.

    • Thanks, this year I’ve had several very close encounters with them but I never let my guard down completely because they can be unpredictable especially if they are infected with rabies.

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