When the air and water temperature drops manatee seek warmer waters. On the morning we visited Blue Spring State Park the count was 403 manatees in the lagoon according to information at the park entrance.#1 playing directly above the opening of the spring 2-2365 copyAt the spot where 104 million gallons of water enters the lagoon daily visitors were treated to the cavorting of a small group of manatees in the 72 degree water. #2 Manatee hug-2219They played follow the leader, rolled around and hugged one another.#3 The nose(s)-2216… there were nose kisses#4 Tail Splash -2292… and splashing of tails

It was well worth getting up early for the 2 hour trip to the park and standing outdoors in the cool morning air to see it all happen.


  1. Very cool! Manatees are lovely animals. Seeing them was one of the highlights when we were in Florida a few years ago. Plan this year is three weeks, all the way to the Dry Totugas, so we hope to see more of them.


    1. Under normal ocean circumstances they are more solitary individuals but there is something that brings them together when they are in the springs. The hug tugged at my heart too.


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