Great Blue Heron nest building

1. Great Blue Heron nest:humble beginning  1-7059A humble beginning.

Perhaps these photo’s should have been posted before last weeks post but I thought better late than never so here we are at the humble beginnings of this seasons nest building with Great Blue Herons.

2. Great Blue Heron nest building the hand off----7448

The hand off.

This couple is working together to get the job done. One sits at the nest and weaves the materials together while the other goes out finds the materials and brings it back. Some times he is more successful with what he can gather than others. She doesn’t look too happy in the photo below.

3. Great Blue Heron nest building the hand off  2-7452

4. Great Blue Heron nest building regulating her heat  4  -7071

Dusk is approaching and the toll of balancing on a branch while making the nest is showing on this female, she is overheating and regulating her heat with open beak.

5. Great Blue Heron nest building taking a break  5 -7093

Meanwhile he takes a rest in a shaded area while the Mrs catches her breath. At the same time he is keeping a keen eye on several other males in the area that have been vying for her attention hoping they will be her mate.

Do You See What I See…

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  1. Tammy

    Oh wow, what a wonderful series of shots…some of my favorites so far this year! I love the picture where you got both birds working together!


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