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I noticed a Killdeer foraging in an empty lot one evening while visiting the site of an eagle nest I monitor for the Audubon Society. When I lived up north these birds were a common sight but after migrating south I rarely saw or heard them so it was a real treat to catch a glimpse.

Do You See What I See

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9 thoughts on “Kildeer

  1. danudin

    The markings seem very similar to our Ruddy Turnstone, is that farenough South for you? LoL
    I don’t think it’s migratory populates most of Australia & New Guinea it’s foraging method is to Bulldoze coastal weed and inland riverways, gravel patches etc extending into the deserts (Race Interpres)


  2. Ericca

    My son absolutely adores birds. I thought I would get a quick smile, when I shared your portrait. Imagine my surprise, when he correctly named the bird pictured! Thank you for sharing your wonderful capture. 🙂


  3. elmediat

    Lovely composition. Happy new Year. 🙂

    The bird’s name confused me as a child. ” I saw a kill deer this morning. It was lovely.”
    The only thing worse was Dr. Kill-dare.


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