A butterfly in the making – week 4 The perils of a Monarch

Lizzie and the Monarch1

The last post featured a monarch butterfly drying its wings after emerging from its chrysalis.

Today’s post is a snapshot of a captured Monarch butterfly. Fortunately for the butterfly it was a quick catch then release right after the photo was snapped. I still can’t believe that kitty waited patiently while I went for the camera 🙂

Hope you have enjoyed the butterfly series.

Do You See What I See…

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16 thoughts on “A butterfly in the making – week 4 The perils of a Monarch

  1. Karen Brockney

    What a wonderful photo – and so happy that “no animals were hurt in the filming of this show”! Beautiful cat, too. 🙂


  2. elmediat

    Butterflies are free, Cats are fast.

    Our cats brought a live chipmunk into the house. I now have a greater appreciation of Donald Duck’s battles with Chip & Dale, the Tom & Jerry friend-enemy feud, and all the Looney Toons chase-capades I have ever seen. It took several days for the chipmunk to take egress from our abode. We wish we had pictures, but our hands were full of nets, bags or holding open doors trying to let the chippy flee, while discouraging the cats from exploring wider horizons. 😀


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