ON THE ROAD, seriously???

On the Road : dog on motorcycle1ON THE ROAD…what was this motorcyclist thinking???

You have the right to ride without a helmet or other protection but,

riding your dog on the gas tank of your motorcycle is irresponsible.

The quality of the photo is far from pristine however a cellphone camera was the quickest way to capture this scene.

Unfortunately the license number is unclear otherwise I would have turned the picture over to the authorities.

Do You See What I See… 

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12 thoughts on “ON THE ROAD, seriously???

  1. danudin

    I know a guy with an old beagle that took him all around Australia like that, he was harnassed to the rider had traction paw pads and a special water bowl He loved it The bike was home!


  2. munchow

    I am always shocked when I see motor bikers driving around without protection. Being one myself, I know what damage can be the outcome in case of accidents. And, yes, double bad when you have you dog even more unsafe on the bike, like this.


    1. PC PHOTO Post author

      Yes, I have witnessed too many incidents with motor bikers in traffic accidents and usually the biker doesn’t win. Hope this man’s companion never has to pay the price for riding with him.


  3. dragonfur

    What was the motorcyclist thinking, you ask? He WASN’T!
    It’s one thing to be stupid yourself & not adequately protect yourself. It’s another thing entirely to risk another’s life, especially when that other has no choice in the matter. Fools on wheels . . .


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