SHADES OF GREY in a cypress swamp

Cypress trees, spanish moss and lichen growing on the tree trunks combine for a pleasing view of SHADES OF GREY

SHADES OF GRAY cypress trees 1

Do You See What I See…  

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47 thoughts on “SHADES OF GREY in a cypress swamp

    • When I saw this theme on the list there was sort of a groan inside me – who would have thought a walk down alligator alley would be so fulfilling.

  1. Oh I would love to walk with you through here! Beautiful image, the moss is amazing! I was in Savannah in the Fall and loved the moss! Chiggers ..not so much lol

  2. That picture takes me right into the swamp. Beautiful. I really love those faded, earthly colours and the contrast between the delicate reflections and the sturdy trees.

  3. The place looks absolutely amazing and stunning!
    Your photo looks like a painting, it’s so relaxing to look at.
    I haven’t seen one of these trees in such a long time.

  4. Thanks Karen, walking towards this group of trees there was little photographic interest I’m glad I turned to look back after passing them!

  5. Beautifully composed! I love the soft texture and dreamy quality that the moss gives the photo. Would love to hear the sounds of the wildlife that must accompany this scene.

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