It is all about MONEY at a casino

Did you know that casinos give people MONEY just to walk through their doors?

Personally, I go for the Rock and Roll Memorabilia and today I discovered a new collection of Gold Records filling a complete wall inside the Tampa Hard Rock. The array gave me goose bumps and I wondered just how much MONEY was hanging on those walls.


24 thoughts on “It is all about MONEY at a casino

  1. You go to a Casino for the ??MUsic?? I’d BET you’d be the type of person who buys “Playboy” magazine for the articles – Like I would LoL!

  2. I am another one who dislikes casinos. To prove my point, I handed my mother-in-law a ten-dollar bill and asked her to drop it out the window of the car.
    “Are you crazy?” she snickered
    “Drop it! ” I laughed back.
    She dropped it, and we laughed all the way down the street.
    “Now come drunk will probably pick that ten up, go to the casino, and hit the jackpot!” I mused.
    We continued to snicker throughout the day.
    “Wasn’t that more fun than breathing cigarette smoke and listening to bells dinging and watching everyone staring straight ahead and few smiling?”

    I too would rather be checking out the rock and roll hall of fame!
    You’re right; there’s a lot of money there, and an amazing queue of superstars!

  3. I live in a country where art costing far less than these beauties and under high security has been stolen I have to wonder if these are copies, I mean what if? Great photo.

  4. I love the way your composition shows the repeating patterns and lines. The light fixture with its pop of purple stands out and and the same time emphasizes the music collection and names.

  5. I wouldn’t mind having that collection! 🙂 Love the repeating shapes and really love the 3 totally different sections! Nice perspective!

  6. I really don’t like casinos either, but that collection of gold records looks great. I’m sure they are worth a lot, but then this is a casino after all? I like the way you play with the reflections between the gold records and the shiny lamp.

    • There are gold records in lots of areas in this place usually they are displayed with apparel or an instrument belonging to an artist. What a surprise to see so many in one spot. The light fixture was what drew me into that room.

    • The lighting was a bear, so glad you appreciated that! Thank goodness for editing tools, although I did have to choose which to make a sacrifice on. LOL gold mp3’s 🙂
      ps: believe it or not the light fixture is what I thought was more impressive, lol.

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