A TREASURE tucked within a Philodendron Selloum, (aka: Cut Leaf or Lacy Tree Philodendron) was a spathe.

A spathe lasts 2 days and is an outer leaf that protects the white spadix, the reproductive part of the plant.  

This spathe was approximately one foot high.

 The second photo is the leaves of this tropical plant.

Do You See What I See…

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  1. Wow… its flower is simply gorgeous, Patty, and the macro shot is just beautiful! And you mentioned that the spathe is a foot tall… a treasure indeed! Would love to link to your post, if you’ll agree?


  2. Pearl, you are so inquistive (sp?) with your findings and then turn them into a Beautiful Photo…I love the clean lines of this.. sassy


  3. That is quite a plant. Very impressive. I have actually seen it – and the leaves, but didn’t know it made such a spathe. Well captured photographs.


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