Photographers QUESTS take two… a walk on the black and white trail

Boomer, Steve and Tammy this one is for you!

A quick conversion of the last post Photographers QUSEST, using Topaz Black and White.

I wasn’t exactly over the moon with the result – at the last second decided to add a splash of Simplify which won me over in an artful sort of way.

Let me know your thoughts 😉

Do You See What I See…

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16 thoughts on “Photographers QUESTS take two… a walk on the black and white trail

  1. Yes, I do like the B+W! You’ve done a nice job with the conversion. Looking again at the original, I just wish the tree could have been separated from the background a bit more. Could you have used a smaller aperture or is the ground too close?
    Either way I still like the shot!

    • Glad you liked the conversion. I see what you mean about the separation between the tree and background; I didn’t think of using different aperture, that is something I will be more thoughtful about in the future. Maybe I could take this back into Topaz and smooth out some areas to create more dimension. Thanks for the input!

  2. I too like the B&W…as far as separation is concerned, a bit of judicious masking and selectively boosting the foreground tree and a subtle blur of the background would probably do the trick….good luck !!!!! lol

  3. what a difference, still looks like a busy group of trees going somewhere in a hurry, love this in B and W too…

  4. Another idea for separation…erase the smoothing effect off the branches so it is nice and crisp and leave the smoothing effect on the background. I really like this in black and white w/ the processing…looks very artistic. I can see this on a canvas!

  5. Hi Patty,
    I’m really fond of black and white. But I think I like the color one better. Have a great day!


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