Sky Diving, an INVITING way to begin a new year

I’m INVITING you to take photo journeys with me throughout this year – today sky diving is our first stop.

New Year’s day we took a ride to investigate a place whose roadside bill board we’ve passed along the road for years. The establishment is a Central Florida historic inn and restaurant. 

As we approached we saw the sign at the edge of the road pointing in the direction a long and winding driveway. Pulling into the parking area I began to wonder if I’d taken a wrong turn since my minds eye had envisioned a grand building and what I saw was nothing like I had imagined. For now we will keep the Inn a mystery to be revealed some other time because skydivers landing in a nearby field became a distraction and their activity was as interesting as the Inn.

Unless a person is an experienced sky diver instructors go through a ground training with new jumpers.

One of the instructors was showing me the wrist cam used in tandem jumps. The experienced diver films the entire tandem jump and the videos are available for purchase to  jumpers.

To answer the question, no I didn’t jump. Perhaps one day 🙂

Special thanks to JUMP FLORIDA SKYDIVING CENTER and the patrons that took time to talk with me about their business and experiences. For more information check their website:

Do You See What I See? The question is rhetorical but if you would like to share your thoughts I would like to know what you see too.

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48 thoughts on “Sky Diving, an INVITING way to begin a new year

  1. Tammy

    No jump is on my agenda…but I will gladly watch you jump! 🙂 I bet you really enjoyed your day, how interesting of a subject and how cool to just get to watch (although I would have never gotten the great shots you did – I’d probably have my eyes closed) lol


  2. ~Val

    Interesting subject. I think I’ll keep my feet on terra firma, thank you very much. I like how you incorporated your copyright statement into the parachute lines of the last image. 😀


  3. Roket Man

    From time to time I dream about jumping again and always know i’m dreaming because I was scared out of my mind every single time I let someone talk me into jumping out of a perfectly good airplane;-)

    BTW; The last time I DID let someone talk me into doing it was an adventure. The drop zone (DZ) we were supposed to hit was on Eglin Air Force Base. Thanks to some screwy winds and a main chute malfunction I got to take a dip in Choctawatchee Bay instead and I shed myself of some very expensive US government property in order to avoid drowning!


  4. danudin

    Nothing in the world could entice me to eject myself from a perfectly serviceable aircraft and how are you supposed to take photos when you are shaking like a giant yellow Blancmange?


  5. Ericca

    Great shots! I especially liked the photo of the wrist cam. Usually, I like to give specific feedback, but in this case I can’t. I just think its a striking shot. 🙂 As cool as your photos are, I am still content NOT to jump out of airplanes. lol…. 🙂


  6. dragonfurflying

    I’m afraid of heights, so there’s no skydiving on MY bucket list–or any other! But I thoroughly enjoy watching others who are not afraid of the sky, be it hawks stalking pigeons or skydivers wanting to return to earth, but GENTLY, gently!
    The only ones I don’t get are the ones we have here around Lake Lavon: Their contraptions look like go-carts attached to parachutes! I’m certain they’re out there to thin the gene pool. (Don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad one!)
    My goal is to get some really nice shots of the hot-air balloons that come overhead from time to time. Lot of hot-air balloon races around, so hopefully . . .
    Enjoyed your photos, of the skydivers and the airplane!


    1. PC PHOTO Post author

      From your description it sounds like ultralights or parasailers.
      Love hot air balloons – hope you get to attend and get some great photo’s!
      Thanks for your kind comments.


  7. lijola

    I would go out on a glider – or even into space (were there a chance), but skydiving….another story. Like processing on the shot of the hand & camera.


  8. walterwsmith3rd

    Sky diving is on my to do list this year. However first some pre training in a wind tunnel. There is one not far from where I live in Western North Carolina. I want to do it. I want to be fearless and test my nerve. Last year it was caving, zipping, and mountain biking.


    1. PC PHOTO Post author

      Wind tunnel training – sounds serious to me! Surely this would test your nerves 🙂
      I have been entertaining zipping this year – did you actually do it?


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