Children will have a difficult time drifting off to sleep on this Christmas Eve because of the anticipation of toys and GAMES they hope to find under the tree.

This Santa Sleigh decoration is attached to the railing of an outdoor cafe, the legs of the chairs are the only hint of the size of the decoration. The oranges in the sleigh was the eye catcher bringing back memories of childhood when it was such a treat to receive an orange or tangerine at Christmas 🙂

This is a first attempt of 3D effect I am trying after viewing Steve’s blog on Thursday, December 8, 2011 Snowy Morning 3D Effect using Photoshop Elements. 

Comparatively this has more of a oob look than 3D yet it portrays the playfulness of the scene.

8 thoughts on “GAMES

  1. sassy

    I really like thisl I just got a new Lap top that has a super duper (so they say) photo shop in it, now I have to learn how to manipulate… Pretty clever work here…


  2. KarenAnn

    I too had trouble with the gold on blue but I didn’t have trouble remembering receiving fruit in my stocking as a child too. Am sure it was quite the treat back when my parents were children as citrus was a rareity in the depression years and especially in trural areas. The amount of toys etc that children receive nowadays would simply astound my grandparents who were lucky to have one wooden truck or a rubber ball to play with. Toys and playtime required more imagination and it’s rather sad to see that go by the wayside.


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