No grunge filter or adjustments needed for this wreck of a ship, it needs more than some RENEWAL!

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  1. Excellent photograph – effective perspective. Where did you get the digital snowflakes, …. I hope is your site and not a problem with my sight.


    1. I had to play with the new toy wp gave us, lol.
      For those who wondered if the snowflakes they saw on this blog was a technical error, it was not. WordPress announced and offered anyone using wp sites could turn on snow fall (or not) from now until January 4.

      BTW I removed the snowflakes from this site since the visual confusion of tropical life and snow fall were too over the top even for me, lol. Look forward to seeing this gift of snowfall on others sites!


  2. Things and images like that always makes me think of the day when that ship had it’s first day in service. Imagine the band playing on the shore, the caterers go around and serving small bites and Champagne bottles all around… and now….

    Great atmosphere!


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