No one could hold a candle to grandmother’s chocolate cake but this one displayed behind glass at the bakery is MOUTH WATERING! Not only is the cake decadent but so is the price. However, granny is long gone and if there is a special occasion this is the place to see their baked goods are outrageously delicious.

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20 thoughts on “MOUTH WATERING Cake

  1. Did you buy it? Looks tasty….but I’d still go for cheese over cake (and, no, not cheesecake!) most of the time for dessert.

  2. There otta be a law, but if there was then it would be even more expensive. You get a chocoholic perfect ten for this shot.

  3. Looks really nice. And if you quarter the cake that is only about $5 a slice, so that isn’t too bad!

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