SOOTHING Scenic Cruise

There is something SOOTHING about water. Another view of Historic St Augustine from the Intracoastal Waterway during a scenic cruise on the Victoria III.

Topaz Adjust 4, HDR pop and PSE9 Filter, Adjustments, Equalize were added. Do you think the processing was pushed over the edge?

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18 thoughts on “SOOTHING Scenic Cruise

  1. I thought so as soon as I saw it, but then thought it gave a cool and surreal appearance to the picture. I have not done any photoshop like that before – it is a dramatic effect!

    • So enjoyable having all the different points of view. Surreal appearance explains it all. Trying to keep drama in photos and out of life 😉

  2. I personally think it’s a bit too much. It makes the picture too full of detail, as if it lost focus. I’d go easier on the contrast for the clouds and the water and maybe make the colour of the sky a bit more realistic. Or try black and white, it’s always good for dramatic clouds. It’s a beautiful scene in any case!

  3. The water looks very choppy to me, and the buildings look like miniatures, does the topaz adjust do that or the HDR? I think this gorgeous scene would benefit from being softened up somehow.

    • Topaz Adjust is the name of the plug-in and HDR is one of the filters within that. This is the website for Topaz, they offer 30 day free trials to their software,

  4. Personally, I like the processing but I’m not sure the scene would be called soothing as the treatment really made me “sit up and pay attention” with its drama. That sky is really gorgeous!

  5. It is that theme stretch time of year!
    I like the the buildings in this and would tone down the effect on the water and sky with a mask

  6. I like the water and scenery but maybe the sky is too blue. Try one with the sky a little bit less bold. I love St. Augustine, although the shops don’t seem as artsy lately.

    • This was our first visit so I guess the less artsy part I can’t compare, though we liked it so much we stayed a month! Thanks for your input.

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