Wondering if ripples on the water fall into the FLAT category probably not. Okay how about this, when the draw bridge is down the surface is FLAT.

Steven likes to see the whole picture so this is a photo of the complete view of the Bridge of Lions that crosses Matanzas Bay.

When I look at this image it makes me think of Gumby or stick men directing traffic? Do You See What I See…

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22 thoughts on “FLAT

  1. It’s obvious isn’t it?
    2 Nintendo characters co-operating in letting a toy boat pass by…..I thought everyone would see it!

  2. Didn’t see gumby until you mentioned it. I love seeing this bridge in action. One forgets that there must be options for those extra tall boats/ships.

  3. Thanks for the extremely big picture, and GPS coordinates! I too see the Lego Men holding up opposing arms.

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