CHIMNEYS in Florida??

There isn’t an abundance of CHIMNEYS in tropical locations yet perseverance paid off.  The chimney in the background is located at Flagler College. The college was originally the Ponce de León Hotel hotel built by millionaire developer and railroad tycoon Henry Flagler in the late 1800’s in St. Augustine.

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16 thoughts on “CHIMNEYS in Florida??

  1. Well, you certainly found a large chimney!! Does that college have vintage restored buildings then? I’m assuming that the buildings in front aren’t part of the old building. Looks like a very interesting cloudy sky too.

    • Believe it or not the buildings in the foreground are hotels (historic ordinances require new structures blend in). The college does have restored buildings. Tours are offered.

  2. The chimney definitely takes centre stage!
    They’re so common here that it would be almost impossible to find a home without one….or a car without a heater…LOL

  3. Funny, because I looked at some of the themes and thought ‘well, I’m not likely to find that around here…” and yet sometimes you are surprised. Another reminder that you never know what you are going to see, especially when you look around, and up and down…

    • One of the interesting aspects of the Spanish influence in architecture is the bright colors of the buildings. Part of the reasons this place is alluring to me 🙂

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