PACKAGING at the winery

A birds eye view of the bottling and PACKAGING room at the San Sebastian Winery in St Augustine Florida.

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12 thoughts on “PACKAGING at the winery

  1. I sure like overhead views of industry, particularly of production lines of something I will end up consuming. I’ve had a few glasses of wine before! 😉

    • Thanks Steven. Wish I’d had time to switch lenses and do some different compositions. Still I am happy for what I did get.
      I’ve seen your pics of wine; my fav is the one when you are watching Lawrence Welk!

    • Thanks Lois and John! This was an unusual and very interesting place with the wine cellar on the second floor and the bottling area in the cellar.

  2. Great bird’s eye view of the processing area…I always like to watch the shows on TV where they show the manufacturing of food products. So interesting!

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