DRINK fruit of the vine

After the tour of the winery our engaging guide gathered the group around to DRINK samples of the wines produced at San Sebastian Winery.

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25 thoughts on “DRINK fruit of the vine

  1. I like this photo! It has all the components of the perfect wine photo – barrels, glasses, and the name of the winery. All you need are some grapes and vines for accent!

  2. Those are generous sample glasses! Did you put the wine on your tongue, roll it up and slurp it back and forth? Did you experience the hints of currants, grapefruit and perhaps venison? That’s what I was told to look for at my last tasting!

    • Great questions Steven.
      1. We weren’t allowed to use the glasses in the photo 😦
      2. The only thing we swirled was the wine in our glasses. Supposedly a good swirl (about 55mph) adds air and releases the bouquet.
      3. There was talk about currents, berries etc however that was not part of my personal experience – I did enjoy the bite of the saltine cracker between tastings 🙂

      A person I met that works in the California wine industry told me that the berry and spice notations are from simulated flavorings. What a disappointment:(

    • There were about 20 people in the tour we were on and about the same number was standing by for the next tour. A very popular stop when in St Augustine.

  3. I like this shot. The limited range of tones, the general darkness in contrast to the lit up table and banner in the background. And thanks for commenting on my blog.

  4. Thanks so much! The room wasn’t brightly lit and since it was supposed to be a wine cellar shooting without flash felt right.
    Btw Your Blog is awesome!

  5. So how much did you end up buying?? lol I love the way the bar and sign are lit up compared to their surroundings!

  6. I omitted a very interesting topic that the tour guide touched on. If you get a stuffy nose or sinus inflammation when drinking wine, take an antihistamine. Wine contains histamines.

  7. A very neat wine tasting area…do the used barrels add an additional aroma too? Would be a fun tour! We have a winery about 45 miles away. There are more and more vineyards popping up in this state if you can believe it. One of their biggies is to offer specialty wines too such as rhubarb, pear, plum etc

    • Didn’t notice any wood scent. Yes, there were some speciality wines here too none were part of the tour either. It would be interesting to taste and see.

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