Time away and COMPACT living

Camping means COMPACT living quarters for everyone.

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24 thoughts on “Time away and COMPACT living

    • Thanks Bobbi! Believe it or not we got the rv to take the kids with us, lol. We always crate them when moving and keep a spray bottle of water by the door to teach them no, no going out the door!

  1. I am a camping, love the great outdoors, years ago we took our pet dog. O the days, when the kids were little. I miss them, nice picture.

  2. I’m thinking the wildlife where you go camping is very thankful that this trio is on the inside! They do look keen to go outside and play.

  3. So do they seem to like a change of scenery like we do? Guess it’s easier for them to like the change if their people are there instead of some “stranger” kitty-sitting them while you are gone.

  4. Thanks everyone for taking time to stop by and for your kind and insightful comments 🙂
    The kids actually like the adventure once they settle in.

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