26 thoughts on “Lubber Grasshoppers are INSECTS

  1. Gisele

    I wonder if the one I saw the other day was a Lubber. I had no idea what it was specifically – “giant grasshopper” was all I knew. Great detail and colors


  2. Wayne

    I’d love a couple of those!!!
    I don’t see it as a ‘BIG’ grasshopper….but rather as plentiful Muskie bait!
    Have you tried filleting them to see what the loin tastes like?
    At least they’re ‘LANDLubbers”


  3. Ellen

    They look like they could be on a merry-go-round! I wonder who would win in some odd battle; a giant slug from this corner of the country or those amazing grasshoppers from your opposite corner.


  4. Grace

    They are huge…lol I love watching them and photographing them. So colorful, especially the mature. The juvies are colorful too, but different. Black with yellow, and still quite large.
    You captured them well, PC. Showing them with a hand for scale works really well.


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