V-A-C-T-I-O-N in the SUMMER TIME. What is you favorite Summer song?

Have you ever noticed that television news casts throw in a fluff piece near the end of the program? Is it because there isn’t enough bad news to fill the time slot or is it they are making an attempt to balance the ugliness of the reports with a bit of light heartedness? Last night one of the local ABC network stations took it to the beach and asked the question, ‘what is your favorite summer song?’ Most of the songs were familiar with the exception of a couple contemporary titles by artist Katie Perry and the like. The timing of that human interest piece couldn’t have been better for the photo I planned to post today for our 365 Challenge.

So sit back and think ‘back to the day’ of your favorite SUMMER TIME song, then post it here! We can create our own SUMMER TIME memories plus get those songs looping around in our mind until we go mad 😉 While you are at it take a guess at what my song is!

Oh, by the way this little dude was having so much fun with his Boogie Board catching waves on the way out instead of in towards the shore, he turned to his parents and said, “Mom watch this!” and on the next wave he caught some air! OMG he didn’t expect this to be the outcome but he took it all in stride and was back to boogieing in a flash.


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