A stop for groceries and another photo opportunity. This baker prepares a tray of raised BREAD dough for the oven while loaves of bread cooling on a rack before being put out for customers.


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  1. So glad everyone enjoyed the bread. Like you, I can’t think of anything better that the smell of fresh baked bread! It was difficult not to purchase any because it would have been devoured in the parking lot!


  2. Now that is a LOAF OF BREAD… that is a great photo… where was this taken? you have sparked my photo gene…
    this is a great shot…. love your choice…I’m sure if I scratched the surface gently, I could really smiell it…


  3. Many moons ago we had a bakery next door to the house and that fresh bread smell was just to die for!! Nice perspective of how much that bread rises in your image!


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