Another weekend another cruise in for owners and admirers of classic and antique cars. This ORANGE cannot be an original color of this 1940’s Ford! Neither can the height of the body from the pavement be original, there is about a 2 inch clearance here. Imagine how the ride is on this buggy.

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16 thoughts on “ORANGE

  1. paintedmeadows

    Beautiful car! Maybe it has hydraulic shocks so they can actually drive it. Otherwise a crack in the pavement would wreck the whole front end. Certainly wouldn’t work in rural northern Alberta! lol Great shot.


  2. jackscrap

    Great angle to shoot from, but like the others I’m wondering about how well it goes on the road, being so close to the ground as it is.


  3. Steven

    It’s a ZZ Top car. I would be afraid to drive it if it were mine. If it is someone else’s then throw me the keys!


  4. sassy Dorland

    I love orange… the color of “playfulness” I think I see a reflection of a mountain on the right side. Beautiful…


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