This Pill Box HANDBAG from the 1960’s was quite stylish during its heyday. The tapestry chickadee on the face of the HANDBAG has some wear but didn’t detract from it’s appeal when I bought it. Once I got it home it became the suitcase for the cats when we travel. It carries all their grooming essentials combs, nail clippers, hair ball remedy and toys. 

11 thoughts on “HANDBAG

  1. KarenB

    Great setting to accent the bag! It is certainly a treasure and probably quite valuable, too. I like the way you repurposed it for the cats.


  2. Steven

    Here I thought I was the only nut that had some sort of cat overnight bag! This is really styling!


  3. needlepointernc

    Great shot. I didn’t even notice the wear spots the first time I looked at the photo. Someone made that little needlepoint and then had it made into a purse.


    1. PC PHOTO Post author

      Thanks for the gentle nudge (and kind words), I knew tapestry was not the right word for the needlepoint but I had one of those senior moments and couldn’t pull it from the brain archives!


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