This photo shows Jack the cat couldn’t resist the opportunity to investigate ice cubes placed on a carpet to raise the fibers where a heavy piece of furniture had made an indentation. His tentative reach is saying WHAT IS THAT???

18 thoughts on “WHAT IS THAT

  1. jackscrap

    Should I really be touching this, will I lick my paw afterwards and regret it? Did you have to keep moving it back to the spot you wanted it to work on?


  2. Steven

    I will throw ice cubes in the water dish on occasion, just to give them some thrills. They don’t know what to make of it, and it usually ends up out on the floor. Looks like Jack is doing what he should be doing, so he passes for normal!


  3. KarenAnn

    I can just picture him doing that as my cat acts that way about new things he encounters–like a bug–and then jumps back almost before he touches the item.Such cheap entertainment!


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