SMOOTH as silk

A duck like water bird, the Common Moorhen takes a leisurely swim on a bright sunshine morning the water is SMOOTH as silk and reflects the blue sky above.

Shortly after this picture was taken the Moorhen paddled back to the island and while exiting the water a small gator came up from behind and grabbed at the rear end of the bird. There was a happy ending, the Moorhen wriggled out of the apparently not so hungry gators mouth. I did snap the series for a personal scrapbook memory that still brings a smile when I think of it. Do you think the hen chuckles?

12 thoughts on “SMOOTH as silk

  1. sassy Dorland

    Beautiful, graceful, the “ripple lines are so casual ” the colors intense.
    I loved your “sonnet” and I would be sure ” that is one happy Moorhen.. ” Preening no doubt occupied a lot of her time, and….. Women rule!!!
    Great shot…


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