Launch view as the final mission of Space Shuttle Discovery becomes AIRBORNE at Kennedy Space Center on Thursday, February 24, 2011

This is a duplicate image from last week the originals should have been posted individually and this is the correction. I didn’t want to lose the comments from last week.

9 thoughts on “AIRBORNE

  1. Mike

    I really like the series, you might be catching history here. I wonder how long it will be before launching again.


    1. PC PHOTO Post author

      There are 2 launches left one in April and the other in June. Then the shuttle program is scheduled to end. Hopefully we will be able to see both.


  2. Edmund

    Going, Going, Gone. It is truly a shame that these are the last missions. I have had the opportunity to meet some astronauts and Buzz Aldrin gave a very interesting speech on this subject. We now have to rely on the Russians to get to the space station.!


  3. traceyjj

    Wonderful image, brings back memories from when I watched a launch many years ago. I’d love to see another, but this is the next best thing!


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