13 thoughts on “DUSK

  1. Esther Farnstrom

    Stunning image!
    Thanks for visiting my spring blog. The name of the salmon colored flowers has been lost. I am usually very careful about saving tags. I can only think it had one stuck to the side of the pot, which I neglected to save. I have looked back at the same nursery and can’t find another one like these. They bloomed all winter in my enchanted garden (really a walled-in front entry).


  2. Sherrie

    Beautiful and stunning. I love all the color and texture in this shot. I really like those ripple of clouds in the center. Have a great day!



  3. KarenAnn

    What a beautiful scene…makes me long for a tropical getaway when I see the palm tree silhouettes. And those reflections are to die for….especially when the only water outside is solid ice!


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