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Sky Diving, an INVITING way to begin a new year

I’m INVITING you to take photo journeys with me throughout this year – today sky diving is our first stop.

New Year’s day we took a ride to investigate a place whose roadside bill board we’ve passed along the road for years. The establishment is a Central Florida historic inn and restaurant. 

As we approached we saw the sign at the edge of the road pointing in the direction a long and winding driveway. Pulling into the parking area I began to wonder if I’d taken a wrong turn since my minds eye had envisioned a grand building and what I saw was nothing like I had imagined. For now we will keep the Inn a mystery to be revealed some other time because skydivers landing in a nearby field became a distraction and their activity was as interesting as the Inn.

Unless a person is an experienced sky diver instructors go through a ground training with new jumpers.

One of the instructors was showing me the wrist cam used in tandem jumps. The experienced diver films the entire tandem jump and the videos are available for purchase to  jumpers.

To answer the question, no I didn’t jump. Perhaps one day 🙂

Special thanks to JUMP FLORIDA SKYDIVING CENTER and the patrons that took time to talk with me about their business and experiences. For more information check their website: www.JumpFlorida.com

Do You See What I See? The question is rhetorical but if you would like to share your thoughts I would like to know what you see too.

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